A Cotillion Country Christmas Cynthia Moore

ISBN: 9781419959103

Published: September 30th 2009


264 pages


A Cotillion Country Christmas  by  Cynthia Moore

A Cotillion Country Christmas by Cynthia Moore
September 30th 2009 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 264 pages | ISBN: 9781419959103 | 5.34 Mb

A Christmas Surprise Cynthia Moore Julian Astor, Viscount Bentley is forced to marry Miss Clara Seaford in order to pay off a large gambling debt owed to her father. A misunderstanding on their Christmas Eve wedding night and Julians subsequent trip to India with Claras father, means their marriage begins awkwardly. Miss Clara Seaford, now Viscountess Bentley, has loved Julian since she first saw him at a debutante ball several years before they were married. Clara struggles with the problem of how best to show Julian her love for him now that he has returned home for the Christmas holidays.

A Tradition of Love Carolynn Carey Alethea adores the traditions of Christmas, so it comes as an unpleasant shock to hear Robert, her new husband, declare that he has no time for such trivialities. No Christmas Candle?

No Wassail Bowl? No Yule Log? Alethea is horrified, but shes also ready to face the challenge presented by her husbands attitude. With three weeks to go before Christmas Eve, shes determined to find a way to teach her solemn husband to accept help with his responsibilities and to join her in creating their very own Christmas traditions. Christmas Mishaps Amy Corwin According to superstition, if a woman is the first to step over the threshold on Christmas morning, she is a harbinger of misfortune.

After her sister elopes with Carolines betrothed, Caroline ignores the warning. Two miserable years later, shes determined to unite the family for Christmas. Unfortunately, her visit coincides with the unexpected birth of her sisters first child, raising the specter of the old belief. And Caroline causes more mishaps attempting to make amends. Then Lord Edward Masters offers aid, on his terms. She can accept his Christmas gift of love or suffer the consequences. Country House Christmas Barbara Miller A scarred veteran of the Peninsular War, Richard Trent feels useless at his fathers estate until Diana Tierneys arrival brings laughter back into his heart.

While she is painting his long overdue portrait, he realizes that Diana is no longer a child and he is falling in love with her. Diana has always suspected her sister ruined Richards life by jilting him and prompting him to join the army. She hopes this Christmas she can solve the mystery of his departure and that he will realize she has more than sisterly feelings for him.

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