Gypsy Darlene Sweet


Published: October 23rd 2011

Kindle Edition

28 pages


Gypsy  by  Darlene Sweet

Gypsy by Darlene Sweet
October 23rd 2011 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 28 pages | ISBN: | 7.28 Mb

Gypsy - Club owner, Marshella Phillips purchases another club and upon arriving watches as Janel Marie dances up on stage. This blonde haired beauty reminds her of her past, a dancer called Gypsy that Marchella misses very much. Offering Janel Marie private dance lessons, the two embark on a relationship that far surpasses any of Marshella’s dreams.Bonus Story Added – Hellenia.After being abandoned at a gas station while touring by motorcycle with my boyfriend Rob, left with no money and only the clothes on my back, Hellenia offers a six month contract to rescue the stranded female.

The two embark on a new adventure of oral pleasure.Sneak Peak Inside Hellenia -“I suppose that was your ride that took off out of here leaving you in the dust?” Hellenia asked.As I looked up at her from the ground with tears rolling down my cheeks, I saw her expression change slightly.

Was it my tears? Her anger eased up a bit. Her blue eyes softened as she waved for the waitress to go back inside leaving the two of us alone.Later, I learnt the woman’s name was Hellenia. She was the owner of the restaurant.“Yeah, that was my ride, my boyfriend, Rob on the motorcycle. We had a fight earlier but I can’t believe he left me here alone. I thought we loved each other,” I whined.“Yeah, I can! That’s a man for you,” Hellenia snapped. “Can’t face any responsibilities head on, have to sneak and run away,” Hellenia replied.We both remained silent for a few minutes.“I guess you don’t have any money for your bill either?” Hellenia asked not pleased with me running out without paying my bill.

Her blue eyes looked coldly at me as if knowing my situation and thinking of what she should do with me.I wasn’t worried about the bill, it was probably under ten dollars and I could work that off doing dishes if I pleated enough with Hellenia. No, I had much bigger worries. I was concerned about my future, starting at that moment. Where would I sleep tonight? I literally had nothing.

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