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Sleeping Beauty: A Broken Empire short story  by  Mark  Lawrence

Sleeping Beauty: A Broken Empire short story by Mark Lawrence
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This 10,000 word story covers a period between the end of the early thread in Emperor of Thorns and the start of the now thread in King of Thorns.Its really a bit of fun, prompted by a challenge from a reader to warp the tale of Sleeping Beauty around that of young Jorg Ancrath. I may have thrown another fairy tale or two into the mix...Im planning to do a number of short stories based on individual road-brothers from the Broken Empire trilogy and release them on Amazon etc.

The long term plan being to collect them along with the Jorg short stories into a single volume.Ive written one short stories for Brother Sim, Red Kent, Sir Makin and the Nuban, all in magazines or anthologies (or soon to be). Hopefully Ill write a couple more (maybe Rike and Gorgoth) then release the collection around April 2016.Sleeping Beauty starts:A kiss woke me. A cool kiss pulled me from the hot depths of my dreaming. Lips touched mine, and deep as I was, dark as I was, I knew her, and let her lead me.

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